A Hope in The Language of DNA

Scientist Greg Braden, who is well-known for his many books and teachings about the connection between science and spirituality, has spent many years studying ancient civilizations:  their cultures, beliefs, languages, religions/spirituality, historical records, calendars, etc.  He has lived in remote places, among people in countries all over the world, in search of the oldest, most untainted records of these ancient civilizations.

Several years ago, in a hope to find scientific evidence of the unity of all Creation, Greg Braden began working with a team of scientists in their research and study of DNA.  This research team has already been successful in uncovering, what they believe is a secret, Divine pattern that lies hidden in the genetic code of all life.

These scientists have discovered that the numbers in DNA’s genetic code correlate with the number values of letters in the core, ancient languages. Using the corresponding letters in place of their respective numbers in the genetic code, the scientists have already uncovered and decoded the first layer of what Greg Braden calls an intentional message written within the genetic code of all life.

The English translation of the first layer of this intentional message is “God Eternal within the body”.   These scientists continue to decode the language and messages hidden in other layers of DNA.

I commend and am grateful for Greg Braden and his team of research scientists who continue their work in finding scientific evidence of the unity of all Creation.  People who believe in the unity of all Creation do not give up their cultural, religious, or spiritual beliefs.  Their beliefs expand.

I believe the more people recognize and accept the oneness of all Creation, the more people will be able to nurture, love, and have compassion for the Universe and all its inhabitants.

Even though many people  from diverse spiritual backgrounds may already have an awareness that “God Eternal is within the body”, this scientific evidence may verify and strengthen their faith and hope.  For those who have been uncertain about a Divine Being, these discoveries may give them a renewed hope to continue their search for answers about their belief.

Could it be that a Divine Higher Intelligence, a Divine Creator, placed The Creator’s designer label within the DNA of all Creation, so that all people and all Creation know who designed them?

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