A Hope from a Rainbow

In Abrahamic religions, a rainbow is a reminder of the promises of God, which give hope to so many people throughout the world.

The first appearance of a rainbow recorded in Judeo-Christian Scripture is in the Old Testament book of Genesis. Subsequent to the story of Noah’s Ark and the Great Flood, God places a rainbow in the sky as a token of His covenant. That covenant is a promise He makes to humanity to never flood the entire earth again.

During the current month of September 2015, I noticed that there has been a lot of media coverage about rainbows that appeared in various parts of the United States. These rainbows appeared at times or during events when a mass of people could notice them:

On September 10th , a day before the fourteenth anniversary of 911, a double rainbow appeared in the New York skyline:


On September 19th a large rainbow appeared over the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, the site of a September 18th memorial tribute to Wayne Dyer, bestselling author and humanitarian.


On September 25th during Pope Francis’ visit to New York City, a rainbow appeared in Central Park before Pope Francis arrived. A rainbow also appeared over East Harlem when Pope Francis met with children there.

On September 26th Pope Francis conducted a mass in Philadelphia at the Basilica of Saint Peter and Paul, where a rainbow also appeared.


On September 30th, in addition to the month’s unusual rainbow appearances in the United States, a spectacular rainbow appeared over Cozumel Island, off the coast of Mexico.  http://www.msn.com/en-us/video/wonder/spectacular-rainbow-alights-skies-over-mexicos-cozumel-island/vi-AAeXIhI

At such a perilous time in history, is God trying to remind people of His promises? Or is He trying to remind people He will never flood the entire earth again? Or are these appearances of rainbows merely coincidental and mean absolutely nothing? Or can just the sight of a beautiful rainbow in the clouds make people happy and fill them with hope?

Beloved poet and teacher Maya Angelou spoke about a 19th century, African-American song that says, “When it look like the sun wasn’t gonna shine anymore, God put a rainbow in the clouds.” Maya then told about the many people God had placed in her life as rainbows in her clouds. She explained how, even though many of those kind people were long-deceased, she still invited all her rainbows to come with her when she made public appearances. She said this ritual gave her strength and an awareness that she was not alone.


Maya encouraged her listeners “to prepare to be a rainbow in someone else’s clouds”. So, no matter what you believe about all the recent, rainbow appearances in the United States, there are always plenty of opportunities to become  rainbows of strength and hope in someone’s cloud.

Even though Wayne Dyer and Maya Angelou are both deceased and are greatly missed, they have been and will continue to be rainbows in people’s clouds.  The majority of people will not be able to do what these two humanitarians did, but all people can do what Maya encouraged, “Be a blessing. Just be a blessing.”

Rainbow in the Clouds Song – Maya Angelou Tribute:

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