Carpe Diem

I like to write about hope, because I believe hope is everywhere.  Hope is found  in the tiniest mustard seed, on the highest mountain, in the depths of the sea, and beyond the  stars.

Many people who believe in God (regardless of the name or gender they use for God) believe like the Psalmist David in the Bible when he says, “Whither can I go from thy Spirit?”  They believe God is everywhere .  That is why I believe hope is everywhere.  I believe God is everywhere; and where God is, there is HOPE.

Regardless of life’s outcomes,

HOPE gets us through life’s experiences.

People often lose hope because that which they are looking for is deferred. I urge people to look around them and find an object of hope that can get them through those long, dark hours.

This website has many parable-type posts about hope.  These posts use nature and the simple things of life to help people find or renew the hope in their lives.  It also has posts that challenge its readers to think about societal and global issues:  hunger, poverty, water, peace, human diversity, global unity, etc.

If you enjoy any of these articles, please share them so that more hope is spread around the world.  Carpe diem!  Seize the day!



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